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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be in a place in Wales which is at least five miles from any busy road, and between it and the nearest road is a mass of rolling hills. On Sunday morning at 7.30 I went out to hear what the world would be like without cars (there aren't many places in Britain where it is possible to listen to the natural world unpolluted).

It was impressive. There was an incredible racket going on. No human noises or engine noises were audible (though a low hum was present, perhaps from inside my head?).

There was a lot of birdsong, including identifiably blackbirds, wood pigeons and various other noisy participants. A cock was crowing loudly, from what I think must be the village, probably at least a mile away. Sheep were calling to their lambs and the lambs were replying, or vice versa. Wind was rustling the leaves of the trees.

However, despite all that incessant noise, it was a kind of silence. Lovely.


Tiger said...

Pity you had to use a car to get there.

Catherine Rowett said...

Well I could have gone on foot. It would have been a nice walk, or rather paddle. In a less hectic world one would have time to do that.

Certainly we would have had less trouble getting there if we had had an amphibious vehicle (it took eight hours for a four hour journey).

However we comforted ourselves that going by train would have been no advantage since the trains to Birmingham were all cancelled due to the flooding.