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Thursday, 26 July 2007


Now I've discovered another alternative to wellingtons. They're called Overboots and they're flexible rubber socks that you put over your shoes. When you aren't wearing them they are a lot less awkward to carry than wellingtons. And you can go to a party in your party shoes: just peel off the overboots when you get there!

My father used to have something similar called goloshes, but they were just shoes, so they didn't protect the legs and trousers; and they weren't flat pack like these ones.

These amazing useful things can be bought in Hawkshead shops, and are currently reduced to £1 a pair. How good is that?

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Tiger said...

My father used to have something similar called goloshes

OED has - galosh, golosh, n.

[a. F. galoche fem.:(according to Hatz.-Darm.) popular L. *galopia f. *galopus, a. Gr. kalopous shoemaker's last f.kalon wood (only pl. logs) + pous foot. In med.L. galopedium occurs for ‘wooden shoe’; see also calopedes in Du Cange. The Sp. galocha, It. galoscia, are prob. adopted from Fr. Some forms of the Eng. word show assimilation to shoe.]

An over-shoe (now usually made of india-rubber) worn to protect the ordinary shoe from wet or dirt. Recorded in Piers Plowman, 1377: To geten hem gylte spores or galoches ycouped and Chaucer's Squire's Tale Ne were worthy to unbokel his galoche.

At £1 a pair, I wouldn't expect the Hawkshead boots to last very long!