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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Great bargains in charity shops

Today I bought
  1. A bundle of dark green towels (a face cloth, two hand towels and a bath towel), still tied up in a tartan ribbon and with the label attached, pure cotton, made in Turkey, very nice.
  2. A black silk shirt for Robin, originally Marks and Spencers
  3. A rather special woollen shirt traditionally made in Tequile, for myself.
Tequile is an island in the Lake Titicaca, where life is still splendidly traditional. The men do the spinning and the weaving. The shirt was brand new, still with its original paper label which informs me that the price was $45 (I paid £4.99) and that it was imported from Tequile by Dreamweaver Imports, California.
Well, I'm a little puzzled by the history of this before it reached me.
It's probably too tickly for a shirt (unless I'm going in for penitential hair shirts) but it will make a nice sweater.

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