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Thursday, 8 November 2007

How to make your own semi-skimmed milk 3

Method 3

  1. Don't shake your milk bottle. Carefully remove the foil top.
  2. Stand the milk bottle on the kitchen surface.
  3. Place a stool next to the surface and stand a jug on the stool. The top of the jug should be lower than the bottom of the milk bottle.
  4. Take a length of flexible thin plastic tubing and plunge one end of it down to the bottom of the milk bottle.
  5. Suck on the other end of the tubing until the milk is drawn up into the tube. Cover the end of the tube and lower it into the jug.
  6. Milk will flow through the siphon from the bottom of the milk bottle into the jug.
  7. Stop the siphon before it starts trying to take the cream (it'll probably get bunged up then anyway).
This way you get skimmed milk in the jug and a small quantity of top-of-the-milk cream in the bottle...

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