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Monday, 26 January 2009

The King of Cheeses

My brother has helpfully reminded me that there are a number of issues I ought to post about on this blog.

This one is about Roquefort cheese, which, so they tell me, Diderot described as the King of Cheeses (despite the fact that it stinks and is made by leaving it to moulder in the caves of Roquefort sur Soulzon).

The problem here is that the Bush administration slapped a huge increase in tax onto various European imports in the last days before Barack Obama took over (apparently as a punishment for Europe refusing to import beef from America). Roquefort cheese has been targeted in particular, with a tax at 300 %.

Good for the French I say: they resisted the Iraq war, and they refuse to have any American beef brought into the country (that is the beef from cattle raised on denuded rainforest prairies and fed on hormones and served in macdonalds).

So let's keep the cheese in Europe! If we all eat lots more French cheese, we can save the planet, support the French in their stand for common sense and good eating, and let the Americans eat fast food if that's what they want!

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Anonymous said...

This is another case of the EU standing up for proper environmental and health standards, while the British government, although one of the major members of the EU, tries to undermine the policy. According to the report in the Independent (, British agricultural produce was deliberately excluded from the latest US tariff hike because the UK government had consistently called for the removal of the EU ban on US hormone-dosed beef.