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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Mod cons 4: DAB digital radio

This is a very dangerous con, which urgently needs fighting. See here


Tiger said...

When father painted the parlour
You couldn't see him for paste
DABbing it here! DABbing it there!
Paste and paper everywhere!"

I entirely agree that FM, internet, cable and satellite radio all give far better sound quality, and the last three offer greater choice of listening. So who needs the expensive and energy-hungry paste and paper?

Unknown said...

I am tolled by a reliable source that the Lib Dems oposed European plans to make us all convert to Digital radio. However the document I was sent from Lib Dem headquarters via my local candidate clearly says they suport the plans to go Digital.Typical all things to all men.
My sone made the coment that this is precisly the sort of issue to bring a government down. Trident,the economy etc are all far to distant but this will directly affect every one.