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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Simple devices and inventions with negative commercial potential II: disposable gaiters for cyclists

The problem: bicycles with derailleur gear sets don't have proper chain guards. It's easy to get your summer trousers filthy, or your beautiful new pale coloured suede boots. A well-oiled chain and smart leg-wear don't mix easily.

The solution: Tear off the leg of an old worn out pair of pyjamas, the leg end of a worn out pair of knee-high socks, the sleeve of an old shirt or sweater, or just any piece of discarded cloth garment or sheet. Pull it on over the lower leg end of your trousers/boots, or, if it is not a tube, wrap it round the leg and tie the corners together on the outer side at top and bottom. If it's too loose, tie it up with a spare shoe lace or an elastic band.
When you get to your destination, slip your leg(s) out of the gaiter(s) and roll the gaiters up in your pocket or bag. The sleeves of a silk shirt are particularly small and light weight for this purpose.
Now you're instantly smart and presentable... When the party's over, you pull the things on again before riding home (make sure they're not inside out!).
When the gaiters get too dirty, throw them away and find a new pair.

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