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Friday, 4 June 2010

Who is to blame for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

I'm puzzled and rather irritated by the constant stream of outrage from America, from its president to its ordinary citizens, as though they were not themselves to blame for that fact that some companies are drilling for oil in the seas off the coast of America. I mean, if you want to drive gas-guzzling cars, and fly everywhere from state to state, and use fossil fuels to power your air conditioning and heat your water for your daily shower, this is how your needs are supplied. And if you are demanding that oil be drilled off shore, then you are taking the risk (as with all such enterprises) that there will be accidents that cause this kind of spillage.
So what then? Are you prepared to pay more so that the companies that do the drilling can be already prepared, at great expense, for immediately dealing with any kind of accident no matter how rare and unlikely? How much more are you prepared to pay for your gas and air fuel to have that?
Or are you prepared to convert to wind farms and go by train instead of cars and planes? Who ever heard of wind spillages? (And don't tell me Nuclear is the way, because I can tell you that nuclear spillages are MUCH worse).
It's a matter of lifestyle choices isn't it? If you make the right lifestyle choices those sea birds won't be soaked in oil because no one will be demanding oil from the bottom of the sea. If you don't make the lifestyle choices, then don't blame the company that is working to give you what you are asked for at prices you were prepared to pay. They don't do it for fun. They do it because you pay them to do it.


Dr Abed said...

I think it is the time to stop using the oil in personal daily life and start to use alternaive cealn energy sources to help saving our planet .

Candy Panda said...

I like how you phrase this. I really hate how the US always tries to blame the other country first.