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Monday, 6 April 2015

Any nuclear dumps coming to your neighbourhood?

This article in the Guardian informs us of new legislation that's been rushed through parliament in the last hours before it closed for the election period. Now the Secretary of State for Energy will have power to decide where to have a nuclear dump. In your back yard, if he/she likes. And it's not for you to protest, nor your local authority planning authorities. Probably because neither you nor they want it.
Well, this is hardly less than inevitable, is it? I mean if you want nuclear power you want nuclear waste, or at least you have to have it. And if there's no where to put it you will be in trouble. And no one actually wants it anywhere in this country, not surprisingly.
There's only one solution, and that is to stop using nuclear power. And to achieve that we need a government with the will to invest in research into the best possible range of renewable power facilities, and with the will to override local planning opposition to get those in place, not to override local planning opposition to put in things that are really horrible and permanently polluting.
We've just had a government that is way out of touch on this, and has encouraged a stupid attitude towards wind and solar power as if they were a threat to the environment, when they are the least of all evils to have on your doorstep.
Let's not do that again!

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