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Sunday, 22 April 2007


Yesterday I discovered that you're supposed to eat your first English asparagus on St George's day. We had ours yesterday, but that probably reflects the reality of global warming, as I overheard the market stall man saying to another customer.


Tiger said...

In Belgium last week we were offered the traditional Eastertide delicacy of Mechelse asperges – fresh young asparagus grown in the allotments around the primatial city of Mechlin, with the plants covered so that they don't develop chlorophyll and remain pallid.

one serving suggestion for it, mechanically translated from the Flemish, which gives it a rather appealing quaintness.

Kruid the plakjes means to slice the liver and season it. Stroop is literally syrup, but here it probably means balsamic vinegar.

Catherine Rowett said...

I have to say that "mechanically translated" is a euphemism. The "mechanically" bit may be true, but parts of it do not seem to qualify for the description "translated"!