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Friday, 27 April 2007

Things calculated to annoy a cyclist

Cycle racks positioned in such a way that you can't access the further ones when the nearer ones are filled up.

This has the effect that you can't use the further ones, even if you get there first, because you won't be able to get in in order to get out later.

Example, new racks by the front lawn at UEA.

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Tiger said...

Here's another Thing calculated to annoy: people who deliberately dislocate your chain – and add insult by leaving rubbish in your basket.

Re-attaching the chain is simple once you know how; but you need three hands (two to manipulate the chain over the chainring, and a third to hold back the jockey wheels on the derailleur to cut some slack in the chain). That means calling someone to assist, or finding a rigid implement to wedge the derailleur. The you have to wash the salad dressing of oil and rust off your hands, making yourself late for work.