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Saturday, 20 January 2007

101 things not to do with a car

Today I have a very smart car sitting in our parking space.
It's been there all day. I can't think of anything to do with it.

The same thing happened the last time we hired a car for the weekend.

I started the day by trying to think of something useful I could do with a car. I thought of going to the dump with some rubbish. But then the only rubbish I could think of was a broken deck chair in the garden, and really that could be broken up and put in the bin, if it really must be thrown away, but I feel someone might like the wood at least, for fire wood. So it wasn't worth driving to the dump just for that. I'd waste ages getting there for very little reward.

Then I thought I'd take my mother to the hospital to visit a friend who's ill. But then it seemed that said friend was coming out of hospital today, so a visit was not very sensible. And actually even with my mother it would actually be easier to go to the hospital by bus, given how difficult it is to park there, and how easy it is by bus.

Then I had to take my suit to the cleaners, but it's no good doing that by car. The Dry Cleaners is on Victoria Avenue. It would take longer to get there by car than by bike, and where would you park? It would be madness.

Then I had to take a cheque to the bank. Well you don't do that in a car.

Then I went to market to buy fruit and vegetables. You can't go there in a car (and why would you want to?)

While in town I also went to Sussex Street to get a card from SPCK.

Then I came home. And since then I've been getting on with stuff at home that needs doing. I haven't done anything with the car except take a photo of it.

So what is the use of a car? And why do people have them? Just to sit in the road, gently rusting and taking up space? I can't make out what the point is.

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