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Thursday, 18 January 2007

A list of my bicycles 2

A list of my bicycles continued.
I've said a bit about the first three bikes on my list. Let's continue slightly more briefly.
4. Purple Pioneer
A Raleigh Pioneer is a trendy-style town bike. It pretends to look a bit like an off-road bike but in fact it has large wheels and standard gauge tyres and is quite good for town riding. My purple 10 speed ladies' version was new, from the Iffley Road Bike shop in Oxford, sometime in the 1990s. We bought it to replace my previous town bike when it got stolen from our front garden in Oxford.
Currently this bike is on loan to Christian Rutherford. I wasn't using it much since inheriting my mother's bike (My Cambridge Bike), especially since fitting the skirt guards to the latter. Actually I never much liked the Purple Pioneer, even after I'd tried rotating the handle bars to get a shorter stretch from the saddle to the handle bars. It just isn't a very nice ride.
5. Black Mountain Bike
I've already said a bit about this bike, which lives in Norwich, in a previous post. I'm not quite sure why I got this bike, and I don't remember very much about it's history. I think I found it second hand at a rather enticing price in a shop on St Helen's Road in Swansea, at a point when I thought I needed a spare bike in case of punctures and the like. And seeing that it had 15 gears I supposed it would be a good machine for negotiating those terrible hills in Swansea. Also I may have wanted it to cope with icy conditions on the coastal cycle path there.
6. My Norwich Bicycle (green, currently gone missing)
This one, a Raleigh Silhouette, was, as I said in a previous post, one of my favourites, and came second hand from the shop on the Cowley Road in Oxford in about 1999. I wouldn't mind having it back if anyone can find it.
7. My New Norwich Bicycle (green, just arrived in Norwich)
This I've just purchased second hand to replace my Norwich Bicycle. It's an Emmelle (I think that's the make) and the model appears to be Emerald. But it has a very odd set of handle bars and not its original saddle I reckon. It's not nearly as nice as the Silhouette was. Perhaps I'll get used to it.
8. Chris's Bicycle (black)
This is a rather elegant gent's town cycle which is not for me to ride but is on long term loan to Annie's friend Chris. The reason for this is that Chris had Grandpa's bike on loan for a year, but then Elizabeth decided she wanted to reclaim Grandpa's bike for her Richard to ride. So to save Chris being left without a bike to ride I picked up this black bike for not very much second hand from the shop on King Street about two years ago. So that is now on loan to Chris for as long as he needs it.

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