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Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Results of anti-soya chocolate investigations shows the following ranking.

First prize to Traidcraft Organic Swiss Made Chocolate. The Cappuccino variety is heavenly, despite containing some vegetable oils. Other varieties sampled so far are also delicious: the milk chocolate version has nothing but wholesome ingredients.

These chocolate bars contain no emulsifier at all.

Runners up:
Plamil Organics, non-dairy and gluten free. Contains sunflower lecithin.
Peter Rabbit Organics. Seems to be designed for children, but is sadly dairy free and made with fructose not sucrose. Contains sunflower lecithin.

Flavour not wonderful in either case, doubtless due to the lack of the yummy bits like sugar and milk.

Also ran:
Tesco value chocolate, contains lecithin from Rapeseed. The flavour is fine, but I don't really approve of rape plantations, or of Tesco.


Annie said...

Interestingly, I was wandering past a rather nice (posh) chocolate shop (there are a lot more handmaking chocolate shops here than in the UK) a bit further along my road, and I noticed a sign in the window that read:
"All our chocolate is guaranteed free of Soya Lecithin". I almost had to go in and buy some just because of it, but managed to resist and will have to visit that shop if a suitable occasion arises in future. Very interesting!

Tiger said...

While on the topic of chocolate, you may enjoy this.