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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Things useful for the task of bringing up children without a car

First, a pram.

It should have large wheels, so as to be comfortable to push for long distances and not bumpy on rough pavements or difficult at kerbs. It should have decent springs. It should have a sizable basket below for carrying large quantities of shopping and other clobber.

A pram like this will also take a child seat for the toddler, so that two children can be transported, and all that shopping too.

Twenty years ago it was possible to take a pram like this in the luggage van of a proper loco-hauled train. I remember taking our pram on the train from Cambridge to London, on a visit to the grandparents, though I have a rather dim memory of how we got from Liverpool Street (or was it King's Cross?) to Dulwich.

I suppose it may still be possible. Is it permissible to put a pram in the cycle storage area of a train? I'm not sure.

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